UK London November 2016

Young Stars
06 November 2016

This youth exchange will look at the concept of employability and look at the various tools available to help youth to increase their employability. This includes developing soft skills and self-presentation techniques to better their self-esteem and quality for chances of employment. We hope that with the various workshops and activities the youth will gain the knowledge and the tools for them to understand the markets better and to increase their employability. We will look at issues like education, EVS, EURES, Europass and other EU tools and discuss these in details, sharing experiences with each other and giving a better understanding of how these work.
Many young people have an attitude that there is no employment opportunities left and as a result they sit back waiting for an opportunity to come to them, and as a result we blame the system for this and in the long run the youth are getting depressed and giving up hope.
We hope to give the understanding that there are many employment opportunities out there and it is our responsibility to go out and find the jobs. It is our responsibility to find the various incentives and tools available to us, in order to increase our employability and to create the employment opportunities we need.

Type: Key Action 1: Youth Exchange
What: Young Stars
Where: London, UK
When: 6th to the 13th November 2016
How many: 4 Participants (18-30 years old), 1 Leader (over 18)
Participating Countries: (10) – Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Macedonia, Greece, Italy, Malta, Poland, Romania, Turkey