UK London November 2016

So you have a Degree
26 November 2016

Our projects aims to look at education and the value of education, meaning the value of it when we come back to our country and the value associated with the chances of finding employment with that degree or diploma.
We have seen that young people follow fashionable educational choices and we want to evaluate this to help young people make more informed choices regarding education so that they are more employable after their education. Giving them the tools to understand the markets before they start their studies and to make more informed choices.
The main issues covered during this youth exchange is youth unemployment and finding ways to prevent the unemployment problem for youth by giving them the tools to understand future markets and current markets to make more informed choices in education. We will look at educational facilities and how their degrees are received in our countries and how we can understand the impact of our educational choices. We will also look at other methods to increase skills and competences of young people to increase their employability. The project will allow the young people to exchange knowledge and experiences to help each other prepare for the labour markets.

Type: Key Action 1: Youth Exchange
What: So you have a Degree
Where: London, UK
When: 26th November to the 4th December 2016
How many: 4 Participants (18-30 years old), 1 Leader (over 18)
Participating Countries: (13) – Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Macedonia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Romania, Turkey

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