TDM2000 Malta || Partnership in Italy Projects 2017

The training course “Tackling Intolerance and Discrimination: a Toolbox” gathered representatives of youth centers and organizations working with youth from Italy, France, Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Malta and Croatia. The small and calm city of Giovinazzo for a week turned into a vibrant and hectic meeting point for almost three dozens of youth workers. 7 days provided youth leaders and educators with new ideas for workshops and training sessions in their work with marginalized young people facing discrimination in their communities.

SOF ITALY Spirit Of Freedom, organization for European youth mobility, is leading this educational project.

More than 40 young volunteers and local organization representatives’ from Croatia, Malta, Greece, Poland, Romania, Germany, the Netherlands and France participateD in this educational project, promoted and coordinated by the international network SOF ITALY. The activities has been developed in the wonderful small town of Bisceglie, from 5th to 12th April 2017 .

The project “MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO #MSCS17” has been financed and made possible thanks to the ERASMUS+ program, organized “with the support of the Italian representatives of the European Commission” and with the support of the Università degli Studi di Bari ‘’Aldo Moro” and of “PUGLIAPROMOZIONE”, a regional agency for tourism.

A special thanks to “Passaporto Italia”, an Italian language and culture school and to the association Aps Aku Bari without forgetting the association GreenRopeItalia for the precious educational support.