Talk To Me

Talk To Me

A Series of Workshops organised with the support of the ‘Be Active‘ Scheme, funded by Agenzija Zghazagh

The project consisted of a series  of  debates  and  talks on  the  several  priorities of TDM 2000 Malta such as

  • Inclusion and tolerance
  • Youth participation in democracy  and  politics
  • Youth active participation   in   society
  • Economic, environment and   social   sustainability
  • Human rights education

All the talks/ debates were held at the University of Malta (common room and university quad in  front  of  students’  house)  and consisted  of  a panel  of  experts  in  the various  fields,  student organisation representatives and / or persons with a specified points of view regarding  one of the  issues  that was tackled. These  debates  /  talks  /  workshops  showed that different persons have different points of view, and were created to combat hate speech and to stress   the   importance   of   youth  collaboration in   society’s   activities   on   a   local   and   an international level.

The activities were held in cooperation with several institutions and voluntary / student / non-government who participated  as promoters and experts in the various fields being tackled, hence helping TDM 2000 Malta in the run of the initiative.  The initiative was promoted via social media, university groups and electronic notice boards.

The  series  of  workshops  also  gave  the  university organisations  an  opportunity  to  collaborate  with  the  support  provided  by  the  Agenzija Zaghzagh and the ‘Be active’ scheme.


Detail of Activities

April 2016

Launching of project ceremony at Agenzija Zaghzagh   

1st workshop: Democracy & Students Politics

October 2016

2nd workshop: Inclusion

3rd workshop: Volunteering

4th workshop: Sustainability

5th workshop: Media & Censorship