International Social Policy

Structured Dialogue & Key Action 3

Over the past week, TDM 2000 Malta President, Duncan Muscat and International Officer, Sean Ellul, attended a training course in Estonia on Structured Dialogue and Key Action 3 initiatives. This course, forms part of many different stages organised by the TDM 2000 Network, as part of a major Key Action 3: Support For Policy Reform project aimed at educating non-represented youth on the nature of Structured Dialogue and on building a platform that would allow all youth to offer their perspectives on European Youth Policy.


The context of Structured Dialogue and European Consultation was discussed in a diverse setting, with a group of representatives coming from both NGOs and Public Entities from Austria, Bulgaria, Belgium, Estonia, Italy, Malta and Slovakia. The workshops delved into the realities and needs of the youth residing in the seven different countries, as well as exploring the links between the outcomes of the 5th & 6th cycles of the European presidency.


The research and training being conducted throughout this training course was undoubtedly fundamental in ensuring, that as NGOs, we can achieve a more collaborative and consultative Europe for the overall benefit of European Youth, and the results of this meeting are important so as to ensure the TDM|2000 Network can achieve those goals.