So About Sweden … 🇸🇪

Some Recipes we learnt.

Swedish Meatballs


◼400 g vegetarian mince

◼30 ml oat cream

◼1 onion

◼22.5 ml vegetable stock

◼15 ml Chinese soy sauce

◼8 ml ground allspice a lot of dairy-free butter’ for frying (if all-vegan)

◼Salt and black pepper


  1. Defrost the mince – about 45 minutes in room temperature.
  2. Finely dice the onion. Add the onion and all other ingredients to the mince and mix by hand. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  3. Shape into little balls, about 2 cm, and fry in a hot pan until nicely browned and firm.

Tortilla de Patatas:


◼6 eggs

◼6 small potatoes

◼1 medium onion

◼Olive oil



1.Chop and peel the potatoes and onions (best done while singing to Enrique Iglesias)

2.Dance to more Spanish music while your mum cooks

3.Fry onions and potatoes and pray to Dio

4.Incorporate and fry in pan / skillet till set but creamy


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