So About Sweden … 🇸🇪


Mariah: I felt  a bit anxious travelling for the first time without family, but I couldn’t have chosen a better team to travel with for a week. We were lucky enough to have known each other from mutual friends, so we simply worked together to prevent chaos. The hosts were very welcoming as well as the other guests. The food from other countries was exquisite, so much so that I wanted to try cook it myself at home. Overall, the trip was a way to open more opportunities for our future as well as share our culture with foreign people.

Keaton: I found many like-minded and lovely individuals from all around the continent. Myself having a flair for the arts, namely poetry, I felt extremely at home with people hailing from quite different cultures than my own by sharing our artistic experiences, A true highlight from the trip was when Jurek from the organising team and Nahuel from the Spanish team played a musical rendition of one of my poems for me. It brought me to tears. Sharing in each others food, which is just as much of an art as my writing or nahuel’s playing, brought me ver closer to everyone and their cultures. Counting the days till I meet them again, in their own hometowns.

Rosa: Sharing food with one another is very intimate and being able to do that with strangers over their own home recipes is an extremely humbling and thoughtful experience. Watching them prepare and cook their dishes was like seeing through a looking glass into a foreign culture, much further than the eye could see through the lens that is the internet or anything I could have previously experienced at home. I personally enjoyed (not really) getting lost in the forest and waiting for Keaton to save us. The hot dogs afterwards however were banging.                       Pe dumnezeu

Adam: Despite being literally thousands of kilometres away from home (3,262km to be exact!) I felt at home throughout the whole, trying food I’d never heard about in my life, sharing experiences with other participants, exploring the surrounding town and just enjoying myself throughout the course of the trip. The whole experience gave me a newfound pride for my own country, as well as a  taste for experiencing new foods (pun intended) and cultures, and travelling as a whole. (also id like a refund on my jeans pls)

Cyrine: This was the first time I’ve properly traveled without family with me, and I don’t think I could have chosen a better bunch to do it with. The other countries’ members were a joy to be around, and I feel like we’ve gained lifelong friends from those 5 days.  SO much, that we are off to Romania next.  I feel like I’ve also grown as a person in different aspects of my life, too.

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