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Launch of the Project MERHBA 2018

Last weekend, on the 24th and 25th of March, TDM 2000 Malta hosted 8 youths from all over Europe to plan for a youth exchange happening between the 21st and 28th of April. ‘MERHBA – Migration exclusion resulting from hate speech, brainwashing and apathy’ will be a youth exchange funded by the Erasmus plus, to ensure that more awareness is raised with regards to inclusion and integration of Migrants in both the Maltese Islands and also other European countries.

Our main aim is to create more awareness about the difficult situations migrants are put in and their struggle to improve their chances at life. There is no difference in human beings but just different cultures, which can make a better multicultural society. Let’s create a society which is open minded that can learn from and appreciate the differences instead of trying to suppress them. It is our social and civic responsibility to ensure everyone in our society is respected and is empowered to reach their maximum potential. Every individual should be given the opportunity to give their contribution; it is only through this that one can nurture a
sense of belonging.

Hence, this project will be a collaboration between 8 different NGOs and 40 different youth coming from Malta, Italy, France, Romania, Hungary, Turkey, Poland and Sweden, that will come together in order to create a change in their respective societies.

The Partner Organisations are:
Malta – TDM 2000 Malta
France – Parcours Le Monde – Sud Est
Romania – Asociatia Pentru Dezvoltare Activa
Hungary – Europa Ifjusaga Egyesulet
Sweden – Awesome People
Italy – Associazione Giosef Unito
Turkey – E-genclik Dernegi
Poland – Fundacja Mlodzi Dla Europy