LIME – Life Management Experiment

LIME was a 9 day unique life management experiment that took place in Hungary between 29th May and 6th June 2017 with participants from Cyprus, Czech Republic, Italy, Malta, Spain and Hungary.

This youth exchange started off with a workshop to try and get to know each other better, but this was done differently through an innovative ice breaker – canoeing. This exciting kick start helped the whole group to develop rapid connections which by the end of the day, had everyone feeling like they had known each other for a long time. Every morning we woke up with a fun daily challenge that really energized the whole group, whilst incentivized everyone to participate. Hence making this exchange a really productive and fun one.

The program was filled with activities, talks and workshops about various topics focusing and tackling some of the most challenging life management situations such as:

– Labor market situation for some European countries
– Ease to find a job or start a business
– Helping services, resources and/or financial supports
– Differences in salaries or working conditions with relation to genders
– Salary management – how much it costs to live per country local realities with real situations
– Opportunities for youths

The group was also individually assigned a buddy, where everyone had time to talk about their own personal situation as individuals, which helped for the individual personal development. Moreover the hosting organisation was conducting a daily evaluation and video diary which brought out the creativity of every participant, as each day they were introduced to different methods on how to express their own thoughts and feelings.

Finally at the end of each day each country had the chance to present themselves, their organisation and their country with their traditions, foods and drinks. Hence ending each evening with exciting, thrilling and knowledge-filled manner acivities .

One of the best experiences in this exchange was the preparation and delivery of the flashmob in the city. A very unique dance routine was strategerized with the ideas and help of everyone in the group, where the Erasmus plus programme was advertised in the middle of the city during the city visit on the 6th day. It was such an amazing and fun challenge that left the by standing crowd clapping and amazed, and the group motivated and connected even more than before.

Lime was a very successful life management experiment, whereby it was not just an eye opening experience to all the different challenges and experiences others might face, but it also helped in the individual personal development. In additional to that there was also the social aspect as the participants had the opportunity to extend and expand both their social and professional network to different participants in each country leaving them more motivated, full of options and resources as well as an amazing Youthpass that professionally certifies this unique learning experience.

– David Bartolo