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KSU Elections 2018 – It’s on US


Terra Di Mezzo (TDM) 2000 MALTA is proud to collaborate with 2 top University Media organisations, Insite Malta and The Third Eye, in what is surely a jam-packed couple of weeks!!

The 2018 KSU Elections are back with a bang: We’re hosting a number of debates, features and discussions related to the most important student election of the year, as we know best!

Stay tuned to this space as we unleash a number of events and features in the forthcoming days!!


2017 – 2018 KSU Team, do you think that you have done what you promised for your term? Are there things that you think you could have done better? What held you back?

Students, in your opinion, did the outgoing KSU team fulfil their proposals? Did they fulfil your expectations? What is something that they promised or proposed but never happened?

We’ll go through their proposals and manifesto and get answers! Join us on the 19th April to see the outgoing KSU team get grilled!


Presidents, put on your boxing gloves and get ready to fight! The current SDM and Pulse presidents, Neil and Johnluke are going head to head to see what has been done by them in the past term but most importantly to see who has the best manifesto and ideas for coming KSU team!

See you there!


Unsure which candidate to vote for? We have the resumes of all the candidates contesting for the coming elections and we’ll go through them one by one until there is no man or woman standing. We will go through their past experiences and see how valid these are for their role in the coming KSU team. The decision is then yours to decide what is valid or not.

Prepare your fire extinguishers and see you there!


On the eve of elections, we have invited all the candidates contesting for the Presidential role, for a quick grill. To help you as a student decide who to vote for just before the actual election day we have put forward a very interesting combo deal, consisting of two highly competing parties coupled with a very ambitious yet new private candidate! we hope that you are as curious as us to see who’ll turn out to be the best for the role.

We hope to see you there!