Inclusion+ was a training course held between the 17th and the 30th of October 2017 in Slanic Moldova, Romania. This project had 44 youths from 21 different countries, namely Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain, Bulgaria, Malta, Italy, Moldova, Poland, Estonia, Greece, Croatia, Sweden, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Macedonia, Portugal, Albania, Serbia, Lithuania and Lebanon.

The training course’s aims were to develop the ability to understand the importance of young people with fewer opportunities’ social inclusion and to develop a visual tool for promotion on the internet of young people with fewer opportunities.

In order to reach the objectives, it included different methodologies of non-formal education including different types of theatre activities, open discussions, world café, labyrinths, innovative games, etc. We were given a taste of what difficulties people with fewer opportunities face in different countries and how such countries deal with them.

The day always ended with smaller groups meeting for the day’s reflection which gave us the chance to reflect as a smaller group and as individuals.

On some days we also had intercultural nights whereby the participating countries had the opportunity to present where they come from by means of visuals as photos and videos, national food and drink, games and traditional dances.

This project helped all those involved to grow closer as a group, to learn about the topic at hand, about different countries, whilst it also gave some insight to the participants as they developed themselves individually. Finally it also gave us the opportunity to make connections with individuals coming from all over Europe.