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Generation Europe Launch & Seminar

International Secretary, Pamela Cann Rodgers, attended JEF Malta’s Generation Europe Launch & Seminar last Saturday 28th of October. During this event, a campaign was launched giving the opportunity to youths to discuss the EU they want to see, by discussing several key topics which relate to a common European future. Following the launch, the first seminar was introduced tackling the topic ‘A Common European Army? A Common European Foreign and Security Policy’. In order to have an informed discussion, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, honourable Carmelo Abela; Minister for Home Affairs and National Security, honourable Dr. Michael Farrugia and former Prime Minister, Dr. Lawrence Gonzi were invited.

One particular stand point which was commonly agreed by all speakers was that there is a difference between a military and a humanitarian approach. Although as a country we maintain the status of a natural state, it does not make us a passive country but we take on an active role by offering humanitarian aid when needed to ensure that peace and stability are safeguarded. An example was the Libyan crisis as mentioned by Dr. Lawrence Gonzi. Finally, all the speakers agreed upon enhanced co-operation with regards to the European Security Policy; however, still emphasizing that Malta’s role was and should be that to push for peace.

Another workshop was planned to conclude this event and to give the participants the opportunity to share their own ideas. All the participants were split according to different European Parties and were given to discuss suggestions on how the European Union should have proceeded in the case of the Ukrainian and Crimean crisis. This was highly fruitful as certain stand points of different political groups were explored better, whilst the participants also had to represent their ideas through a debate making it much more interactive.