ETHNIC Report #4

Our youth workers travelled to Malta to participate in a Youth Worker Mobility last October where they developed their competences in working with young persons coming from lesser opportunity backgrounds (especially those belonging to cultural minorities). 

ETHNIC; (Embracing The Harmony Nationalities In Colours), as the project was named, included 36 youth workers and leaders from 9 different partners and was funded by the Erasmus+ programme. The 2 week training course was hosted by TDM 2000 Malta and was run by experts from Asociatia Pentru Dezvoltare Activa from Romania.  

During the run of the programme, the participants aimed to create initiatives so as to  improve collaboration between sectors so as to address the needs and problems of refugees and immigrants in their respective regions or countries. The participants also attempted to develop a system for assessing the transferability of immigrants’ professional skills and helping them for a better integration. The visual tools developed during the training course were also shared online, raising awareness and promoting social dialogue, tolerance, solidarity and other EU values. 

On returning back home from the training course the youth workers acted as facilitators so as to share the new knowledge with other youth workers from our local community. 

We hope that with the implementation of the new inclusion projects created during the ETHNIC programme in Malta and the youth workers’ involvement as multipliers, we can contribute towards increasing the number of social inclusion projects and  prevent violent radicalization of our young people in society.

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