E.T.H.N.I.C Report #1

Between the 14th and the 30th of October, youth workers from our organisation participated in the Erasmus+ Training Mobility called ETHNIC (Embracing The Harmony Nationalities In Colours). The Erasmus+ funded project aimed to develop good practices in the field of youth and international collaboration among NGOs, facilitating the exchange of good practices and development of experts within them. This multi-national project included the following partners from their respective countries: the hosts of the project TDM 2000 Malta – Malta, Parcours le Monde – Sud Est – France; The Inside Out Program – Northern Ireland (UK); EURO SUD – Italy; Instytut Rozdzienskiego – Poland; Associação Inspira! – Portugal; Asociatia Pentru Dezvoltare Activa – Romania; Asociación Xuvenil Arousa Moza – Spain; and Kiyikoy Doga Sporlari Kulubu Dernegi – Turkey. 

The creation of this project came primarily from the need of the collaborating partners to develop their youth workers in the field of refugees and immigrants’ issues. This was done through updating and adapting the participants’ competences to improve the service they provide the target groups back home. The main objectives of the project include increasing the attractiveness of educational programs and updating the working methods in identifying, approaching, involving and supporting young refugees and immigrants.

The multi-national 36 youth worker team participated in several non-formal activities throughout the 2 weeks in Malta, where they shared their experiences and prepared plans of action to improve the support for youth coming from migrant backgrounds. They also discovered the very intense history and culture of the island, which in spite of its size, has always been the cradle of multi-cultural activity in the centre of the Mediterranean. Hence, the location of this project could not have presented a better niche for the international group seeking to improve immigrant integration and active citizenship, constructively aiding in achieving the objectives of ETHNIC.

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