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TDM 2000 Malta’s Local Office creates national opportunities for youths to further themselves.
Among others, it values education, societal contribution, human rights, and youths’ voices. The office has been introduced this year, therefore carries with it a plethora of opportunities and possibilities.


Torre Della Musica 2017

Christmas is all about giving. This is why TDM2000 Malta is giving you an epic night while donating the proceeds to both Istrina and Special Olympics Malta to spread the true meaning of Christmas! Now a part of Christmas on Campus, we are very proud to present yet another edition…


An Entertaining Debate

Despite Pulse’s decision not to contest this year’s KSU elections, the University student body will be voting for the position of KSU’s Cultural and Entertainment Officer. This comes following the news that Nicholas Martinelli is contesting independently for the said role. In light of this, The Third Eye is hosting…


KSU President l The Grilling

A year ago the eleven candidates presented by SDM were automatically elected to KSU. But has the council truly lived up to its promises? And has it delivered what the student body was expecting? A year later, University and Junior College students will be given the opportunity to raise questions…