Category: International

The international office within TDM2000 Malta works on the goal of the organization, that of helping youths become more active in society. It does this as it creates the opportunities for youth to further their knowledge and increase their skills through non-formal education, giving the participants the tools needed to be active within their society.

Every year the International Office sends over 100 youths abroad to various countries such as Romania, Italy, Spain, Poland etc. Besides sending Maltese participants abroad, we also host Youth Exchanges and Training courses locally where we would host youths from abroad that come from different backgrounds, cultures and opportunities.

The projects that we participate, be it hosted locally or abroad, tackle different current topics through non-formal means. Past topics include but are not limited to Inclusion, Racism, Sports, Food, Music, Entrepreneurship etc.


UK London November 2016

So you have a Degree 26 November 2016 Our projects aims to look at education and the value of education, meaning the value of it when we come back to our country and the value associated with the chances of finding employment with that degree or diploma. We have seen that…