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ETHNIC was born out of the challenges that refugees &
immigrants face today. Refugees & immigrants face the
trauma of uprooting, leaving their familiar environments for
the unknown, adapting to a new environment &
familiarising themselves with local resources. They face
cultural shock & negative attitudes (discrimination,
prejudices, xenophobia & social exclusion).


ETHNIC Report #4

Our youth workers travelled to Malta to participate in a Youth Worker Mobility last October where they developed their competences in working with young persons coming from lesser opportunity backgrounds (especially those belonging to cultural minorities).  ETHNIC; (Embracing The Harmony Nationalities In Colours), as the project was named, included 36…


ETHNIC Report #3

Embracing The Harmony Nationalities In Colours was a training course created with the youth worker’s learning needs in mind. During the project design and management stage, both before and during the actual project, these learning needs were kept in mind.  During the training in Malta the participants developed various competences.…


ETHNIC Report #2

ETHNIC was a training course created by a network of 12 partner organisations from the EU, pre-accession countries and other partners from Euromed, Eastern Europe and Caucasus and South East Europe. The project which was run by TDM 2000 Malta had the main aim of increasing youth work competences when…


E.T.H.N.I.C Report #1

Between the 14th and the 30th of October, youth workers from our organisation participated in the Erasmus+ Training Mobility called ETHNIC (Embracing The Harmony Nationalities In Colours). The Erasmus+ funded project aimed to develop good practices in the field of youth and international collaboration among NGOs, facilitating the exchange of…