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The international office within TDM2000 Malta works on the goal of the organization, that of helping youths become more active in society. It does this as it creates the opportunities for youth to further their knowledge and increase their skills through non-formal education, giving the participants the tools needed to be active within their society.

Every year the International Office sends over 100 youths abroad to various countries such as Romania, Italy, Spain, Poland etc. Besides sending Maltese participants abroad, we also host Youth Exchanges and Training courses locally where we would host youths from abroad that come from different backgrounds, cultures and opportunities.

The projects that we participate, be it hosted locally or abroad, tackle different current topics through non-formal means. Past topics include but are not limited to Inclusion, Racism, Sports, Food, Music, Entrepreneurship etc.


Get Inspired!

Type: Youth Exchange What: Get Inspired Where: Romania When: 15th November to 28th November 2022 How many: 4 participants (18 – 25) + 1 Leader (18+) Participants: Malta, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and Turkey Main Objectives:– To develope initiative, creativity and entrepreneurship spirit, including knowledge in the field of…


ETHNIC Report #4

Our youth workers travelled to Malta to participate in a Youth Worker Mobility last October where they developed their competences in working with young persons coming from lesser opportunity backgrounds (especially those belonging to cultural minorities).  ETHNIC; (Embracing The Harmony Nationalities In Colours), as the project was named, included 36…


ETHNIC Report #3

Embracing The Harmony Nationalities In Colours was a training course created with the youth worker’s learning needs in mind. During the project design and management stage, both before and during the actual project, these learning needs were kept in mind.  During the training in Malta the participants developed various competences.…


ETHNIC Report #2

ETHNIC was a training course created by a network of 12 partner organisations from the EU, pre-accession countries and other partners from Euromed, Eastern Europe and Caucasus and South East Europe. The project which was run by TDM 2000 Malta had the main aim of increasing youth work competences when…


E.T.H.N.I.C Report #1

Between the 14th and the 30th of October, youth workers from our organisation participated in the Erasmus+ Training Mobility called ETHNIC (Embracing The Harmony Nationalities In Colours). The Erasmus+ funded project aimed to develop good practices in the field of youth and international collaboration among NGOs, facilitating the exchange of…

International Public Relations

Social Entrepreneurship in Erasmus + is KEY

YOUTH VISION together with the partners: Voluntary Labour Corps (Poland), Terra di Mezzo (TDM) 2000 (Malta), PlanBe, Plan it Be it (Cyprus), Udruga Volim Volontirati – “VoVo” (Croatia), ESPACIO TÉCNICO DE INNOVACION Y FORMACION SL (Spain), Rise Hub (Italy) and NEANIKOI ORIZONTES M.K.O. (Greece), announces the start of the activities…