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The Active Development Association was set up as a result of the Youth.ways project (Young People’s Youth Initiative) of Youth Informal, a group set up in the summer of 2011 out of passion for non-formal education and active involvement of young people in community life.Beyond Barriers Association (hereinafter BBA) was created in June 2004 from the initiative of a group of youngsters with and without disability. BBA is a non-profit, non-governmental and voluntary based organisation that defends the rights and interests of young people.

“Civic Forum” NGO is an organization that coordinates the work of three international networks in Armenia, which include JEF Europe (, TDM 2000 International ( and Human Rights Education Youth Network (
The main sphere of our activity is civic education as a tool for promoting active citizenship in local and international levels. We are working in the field since 2005 as a youth initiative group and were officially registered in 2010.

Non-profit organization VIA Civic was established in 2009 when a group of young people decided to create this organization to unite their efforts for causes that are important to us all, although the act of different backgrounds. The idea of ​​this organization is to be the point from which to get a common vision for important aspects in our lives. We wanted it to be the means by which our ideas are born to materialize see the real result. Because we realized that an idea will never see the light of day if it does not find a collaborator who believe in it, support it and give her the strength to survive.VIVID Z.S. is a nonprofit organization founded in 2014. Our goal is to develop and engage young people through various activities at the local, but also international level. In addition to cultural and educational events in the Olomouc region, we offer today’s teenagers the opportunity to travel within the non-formal education projects abroad. Overall, we aim to make young people are constantly educated, traveled and enriched and obtained then passed on.The Agency of Youth Promotion and Development “COMPASS” (AYPD-“COMPASS”) has been established by young people as a non-profit, non-governmental organization offering development services to youth, and aims at empowering the youth sector against all social, political and economic challenges.Developmental Centre Of Thessaly (D.C.T. – A.KE.TH.), located in Trikala, Greece, is a non profit organization. It was founded in 2004 as a consultancy services organization. From 2004 to 2008 it was located in a building at the center of Trikala city and since then is relocated to owned premises. Since its foundation DCT has been involved with regional, national and European programmes from different fields (financing, training, consultancy etc). In 2010 DCT was certificated, by the National Accreditation Center for Continuing Vocational Training (EKEPIS), as a center of continuing vocational training.Students Association for the City is a non-profit youth organization working for the inclusion and participation of youth in local and international activities. The Association works to encourage young students with fewer opportunities to integrate their education with learning opportunities internationally.Encourage a young person’s autonomy and curiosity, strengthening the creative and innovative young business foundation Lithuania.

SMIT “CREATOR” was found in 2011 by active young people with extensive international experience and different expertise. It’s a non-government, non-political, non-religious organization from Krakow working in the fields of project management, research and training for and with youth. SMIT CREATOR’s main purpose is to exchange creative ideas, promotion of values, tradition and art in the countries of Europe and beyond. It aims to contribute to intercultural dialogue and exchange, creating a common ground for cooperation with scientific, cultural and educational fields at an international level.Geoclube is a Youth Association, founded in 1999 by a group of students and teachers of the High School of Gondomar.
The main goal of the Association is to promote the active participation and involvement of young people in environmental issues, democracy, social inclusion and young entrepreneurship. Geoclube’s target group are young people aged between 13-35, from all backgrounds, with special attention to young people from our city – Gondomar. Briefly, the Geoclube – Youth Association is a Non-Profit Organization, with more than 15 years of experience, that continues to work hard in the promotion of active participation and involvement of young people in all the processes that define their future either in a personal or professional level.

Ligo Lex Legis is an NGO, based in Prishtina, and the main aim is to raise awareness for youngsters right in our society, by organizing social activities.The Synergia space consists of a working office, where several departments. It also has a leisure area which hosts concerts, exhibitions, informal meetings, training, and an outdoor space where young people can practice several sports, and also held several events in this space.The mission of the association is to provide support for the development of young people to become responsible and aware citizens by strengthening democratic values and European ideals.NGO “IUVENTA” orientate their actions for the most part to the implementation of the program of the European Commission in cooperation with numerous partners in the region and beyond, and the presentation of the program through training and discussion.Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Association of Slovakia – SIEDAS is a non-governmental, voluntary, interest and non-profit association that devotes its attention particularly to young people who want to find out their talent, discover the spirit of entrepreneurship and principles of sustainable society.

The Culture and Art Society Plac (KUD Plac) was founded in 2004 and today it has more than 500 members. The main objective is to provide non-formal educational possibilities to young people from our town and abroad. Our activites are divided in four sections: Education, culture and art – Sports and ecology – Youth Centre.
ŠKUC is one of the leading non-governmental organizations promoting non-profit cultural and artistic activity in Slovenia. It holds the status of an association working in the public interest in the cultural field. Its beginnings date back to Ljubljana’s radical student movement of 1968; it was formally established in on 31 January 1972.
Asociación Dianova España is a non-profit social action NGO with a national scope, registered on August 20, 1982 with the number 46,644 in the National Registry of Associations of the Ministry of the Interior, and declared of municipal public utility by the City of Madrid On June 26, 2012, with registration number 1607 of the Register of Citizen Entities of the City of Madrid.

Act Global is an international not for profit organisation based in the United Kingdom and Indonesia. Our team is made up of full time / part time staff, contracted trainers and volunteers. Established in 2012, Act Global was set up to support the non-formal education sector by creating international projects that look at global issues such as poverty and inequality, while also creating an international platform for sharing best practice in the sector.

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