About Us

TDM 2000 Malta was founded in March 2005 with the aims of achieving a greater consciousness of international cooperation, mutual understanding and the need to be active in today’s society. It is the local branch of TDM 2000 International. The organisation works to enhance youth participation and contribution to society on a local and international level.

This is done through the organization of a number of activities such as

  • Youth Exchanges and Democracy Projects
  • Training Courses
  • Career Placements
  • Partnership Building Activities
  •  Fund-Raising Activities for the Benefit of Local Charitable Institutes.

TDM 2000 Malta dedicated a great deal of time and effort towards achieving the organization’s goals within the Maltese society and international sphere. Members are youths above the age of 18, and any work done within the group is on a voluntary basis.

The Organisation has 4 offices; International, Local, Hands-On and Events.

The International Office

The International Office within TDM 2000 Malta works on the goal of the organization, that of helping youths become more active in society. It does this as it creates the opportunities for youth to further their knowledge and increase their skills through non-formal education, giving the participants the tools needed to be active within their society.

Every year the International Office sends over 100 youths abroad to various countries around Europe such as Romania, Italy, Spain, Poland etc. Besides sending Maltese participants abroad, we also host Youth Exchanges and Training courses locally where we would host youths from abroad that come from different backgrounds, cultures and opportunities.

The projects that we participate in, be it hosted locally or abroad, tackle different current topics through non-formal means. Past topics include but are not limited to Inclusion, Racism, Sports, Food, Music, Cultural Differences, Historical and Literary Heritage, Health
Entrepreneurship etc. All of these activities serve as a means of broadening one’s knowledge and understanding of cultural diversity, and aims to encourage participants to develop their intellectual, practical
and artistic capabilities. Empowering youth in this manner and encouraging a deeper understanding of the topic in question will in turn contribute to the successful integration of European society on the whole.

The Hands On Office

The Hands On Office is the social well-being office of TDM 2000 Malta. The main aim of it is to support local institutions who work with people coming from lesser opportunity backgrounds. The work carried out to date includes the restoration of a gymnasium for the physically disabled, a play area for children, a residential home for the homeless and the purchasing of sports equipment for youth involved in the Special Olympics.

The Local Office

TDM 2000 Malta’s Local Office creates national opportunities for youths to further themselves. Among others, it values education, societal contribution, human rights, and youths’ voices. The office has been introduced this year, therefore carries with it a plethora of opportunities and possibilities. In the past, the organisation has held several debates and discussions as well as educational videos and infographics. 

The Events Office

The Events Office is in charge of leisure activities held locally. These range from parties, treasure hunts, kazinati, sports events, live-ins, the annual Carnival Weekender and costume competitions. Every year we host Torre Della Musica, a music festival with local performances held at a national heritage site. Such events are useful in bringing youth towards the organisation, which helps us reach our main aim to involve youths in society. Apart from this it is also useful in creating networking opportunities and collecting profits both for the organisation and for philanthropic endeavours.

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