TDM 2000 International

TDM 2000  international programs for mobility and education they realized youth exchanges, training courses, workshops, volunteer programs involving thousands of people in important individual growth paths. At the same time they have developed local projects to promote the area in the name of a globalization respectful of identities.
TDM 2000 Eesti is an umbrella organization, bringing together several Estonian youth organizations, therefore creating a network that works in Estonia, outside of the country and just works, which is very important. TDM 2000 Eesti aims to continuously develop the youth work sector & give young people opportunities to take part in youth projects, travel & learn from gained international experience.TDM 2000 Germany  promote the development of the individual, creating opportunity of interaction and comparison between the young people from various cultures and nationalities; To contribute to the development of the personal and professional skills o the youngsters through training courses.

TDM Latvia is a non-governmental youth organization founded in 2006. The goal of the organization is to promote the inclusion of the youth in the social and political processes on both local and international level, provide information about the opportunities offered by the “Youth in Action” programme and promote the development of democratic civil society.

TDM2000 Polska promotes human rights, particularly the rights of ethnic and national minorities, women’s rights, as well as rights of other minorities. Moreover, we foster cooperation with neighbouring countries, in particular Germany, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Belarus. The organisation also deals with promotion and deepening of regional cooperation, with particular emphasis on the promotion of the Lower Silesia region’s cultural and historical heritage.


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