Italy February 2017

Europe meets Euromed 

is the result of a shared visions and aimed towards bringing a group of youths together in order to take a look at the various reasons that can lead to conflicts ensuing as well as to discuss and brainstorm different solutions to lessen the amount of conflicts that break out. In doing this, us youth will have a chance to voice our own opinions and take a more active role in society. We will discuss how conflicts on a social, national, regional and international level affect us and how we can come together to counteract the negative effects of such conflicts.

Type: Key Action 1: Youth Exchange
What: Europe meets EUROMED
Where: Bisceglie, Italy
When: 28th February to 8th March 2017
How many: 5 Participants (18+)
Participating Countries: (8) – Italy, France, Croatia, Malta, Turkey, Palestine, Jordan and Egypt.

The Team

TDM Team