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TDM 2000 Malta was founded in March 2005 with the aims of achieving a greater consciousness of international cooperation, mutual understanding and the need to be active in today’s society.

TDM2000 is a non political organization that was set up in Sardinia nearly 17 years ago. Its main aim is to enhance youth participation and contribution to society in a local and international level. This is done through the organization of a number of activities such as

  • Youth Exchanges and Democracy Projects
  • Training Courses
  • Career placements
  • Partnership Buliding Activities
  • Fund Raising Activities for the benefit of local Charitable Institutes.

Over the past years the organization has been working hard to set up a European network with branches in Malta, Italy, Germany, Latvia, Poland, Romania and Estonia. Branching out in this manner is an attempt to transpose the work done by the organization from a local to a European level.


The local branch of our network – TDM2000 Malta, was set up just over four years ago and has dedicated a great deal of time and effort towards achieving the organization’s goals within the Maltese society and international sphere. Members are aged between 18 and 40 and any work done within the group is on a voluntary basis.

To date, a number of fund raising activities have been organized or participated in by our organization, with the proceeds being donated to a number of charitable institutions. In addition to this, all branches of the organization have also successfully participated in a number of youth exchanges and training courses that have been organized throughout Europe and beyond, each dealing with specific themes such as

  • language barriers to communication,
  • cultural differences and tolerance
  • historical and literary heritage
  • Human Rights Education and
  • Health

All of these activities serve as a means of broadening one’s knowledge and understanding of cultural diversity, and aims to encourage participants to develop their intellectual, practical and artistic capabilities. Empowering youth in this manner and encouraging a deeper understanding of the topic in question will in turn contribute to the successful integration of European society on the whole.

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